God has changed their lives

God changes lives. These people below are living testimony of His love and goodness. Discover their stories, sometimes touching and moving, sometimes funny or hard, but always with a common and amazing issue!

Abhik Bhanja – Unconditional Love
Being an introvert, Abhik Bhanja was slow in making friends; he constantly tried to get approval from his peers and this led to a crippling inferiority disorder. Something wonderful happened that changed everything… Watch the video >>
Kalpana Larka
Kalpana grew up in an unhappy home and once she got older, she got into a relationship, seeking love. When the conditions at home got worse, she left home and lived in a hostel. Her relationship also broke! Did she find love? Watch the video >>
Jaganath Banerjee – Restored in God’s Love
Jaganath’s father was blind, he was also diagnosed with cancer and this family begged for a living. Growing up in these circumstances, as a beggar resulted in Jaganath becoming an emotionally bruised young man but one day, he found God, healing and love! Watch the video >>
Ashok Daballa – Protection and Provision in Christ
Ashok Daballa and his family witnessed the widespread violence in Kandhamal, Orissa and were forced to flee to the jungle, when they were attacked and their house and belongings were destroyed. Could he rebuild his ruined home and reconstruct his broken life? Watch the video >>
Carla Matmati's story
Carla suffered much pain, slept around, got addicted to alcohol and drug... but one day she heard a voice saying: "I still love you". Watch the video >>
The story of a man who fell in a hole
A modern parable, this insightful clip examines the life of a man searching through the promises of all the major religions of the world. Watch the video >>